Mac Jones Shares Inspiring Message After Patriots’ Season Comes to a Close

The 2021 NFL season wasn’t the best season in Bill Belichick’s portfolio. His team made the playoffs this season but lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bills. It was a bad loss for the team. The Patriots had a seven-game winning streak but players blew it with losses to the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins. Mac Jones didn’t get a ring in his rookie campaign, but he definitely delivered a great message following the disappointing end of the regular season.

Belichick’s first-rounder shared some photos of his teammates and wrote an emotional message.

“What an unbelievable ride this first year has been. There’s no other group of guys I’d rather work with, grow with and compete with. Cannot wait to play in front of the greatest fans in the world again! #GoPats #JustGettingStarted”

Mac Jones to motivate teammates with his message following the bad season

Jones’ debut didn’t end well, but Belichick got him for a reason. The Patriots used their 15th overall pick to get Jones. The Patriots head coach watched Jones’ workouts. There was something special about the Alabama prospect. Jones seems to be the perfect building block for the Patriots. We have a few good reasons to believe that Jones is the franchise quarterback for the Patriots.

Belichick has to improve the defense. He has great players in the receiving unit. Hunter Henry, Nelson Agholor, Kendrick Bourne… They all look good on the field. Of course, the Patriots could use a star wide receiver like Odell Beckham Jr. However, they shouldn’t look too far. The Patriots are packed with great players. Maybe Patriots coaches will change the gameplan and the approach.

Some were unhappy with Jones’ performance. Well, he did his best. Jones was better than other rookies in his group. He has great connection with his teammates. What else could coaches ask for in such a tough season?

Jones has his spot on Belichick’s roster. Some of the players will have to go after such a disappointing season. Jones is definitely not on this list. He is too good to go somewhere else at this point.