Patriots 2022 Schedule Opponents Now Set With Regular Season Over

The New England Patriots finished the 2021 NFL regular season with a 10-7 record. It wasn’t the ultimate season for head coach Bill Belichick and his players, but things worked really well for the team. Sort of. Of course, players could have finished the regular season with more wins. It was a wild season after all. Belichick’s team was relatively healthy and there weren’t too many positive cases. How did 2021 go for the team? It is what it is… Now let’s get ready for the 2022 opponents.

Several sources have revealed the first opponents for the upcoming season. We have the list of the home and road opponents for the 2022 season.

Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Indianapolis Colts
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
Miami Dolphins

Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Las Vegas Raiders
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals
Buffalo Bills
New York Jets
Miami Dolphins

Patriots to prepare better for the 2022 opponents

That’s tough schedule, right? If by any chance you noticed, the Patriots will finish the 2022 season with a road game against the Miami Dolphins. Hopefully, history won’t repeat itself. The Patriots tried really hard to beat the Dolphins, but it wasn’t enough.

New England has other concerns at the moment. Belichick and his players missed the chance to make the playoffs in 2020. They did a lot better job this season and made the big game. The Buffalo Bills will give the Patriots a big challenge on Saturday. It’s a must-win game for the team. New England destroyed the Bills in the first match, but lost the second game on the schedule.

Players have to stay healthy and COVID-free in the next few days… Losing key starters would be a big blow for the team at this point.

Rookie quarterback Mac Jones had a strong game this year. He built great chemistry with the team and this chemistry helped them win games. Let’s hope that the team will do better in the 2022 NFL season. First, let’s grab the title this season. Let’s go, Patriots!