Patriots Place Two Players On COVID List After Win Over Jaguars

The New England Patriots are coming off of a good win over the Buffalo Bills. It was a magnificent 50-10 win for Bill Belichick and players. New England looked good on the floor, and there’s just one game on their schedule. Will Patriots players beat the Miami Dolphins? They have to win this one. They have to finish the season with a win. The Patriots have a 10-6 record at this point. That’s not all. The Patriots also have two new players on the COVID list.

Cornerback Myles Bryant and practice unit offensive lineman William Sherman entered COVID protocols and have to isolate themselves from the team. No practice, no meetings for both players. Vaccinated players have to provide two negative tests to return to the field. Unvaccinated players have to spend at least 10 days away from the team.

Patriots players to be removed from the COVID list ahead of the final game

The situation in New England seems to be under control at the moment. Bryant and Sherman have good role with the team but they aren’t key players. Belichick will be good without those two. Of course, there’s still an option for the players to return on time for the game vs Miami.

The NFL is dealing with a surge in new cases. Luckily, New England is relatively safe. Players follow rules and Belichick didn’t lose too many players this season.

Bryant had an interception in the game against the Jaguars. Jonathan Jones is out due to a big injury and the Patriots gave Bryant a bigger role. He also has 41 tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble.

Sherman is a sixth-round selection for the Patriots. He joined the team following the 2021 NFL Draft. The team added the Colorado prospect to the practice unit, so having him out is not too bad for the Patriots.

Hopefully, these two will be the only players to end up on the COVID list. Belichick needs his players to be safe and healthy for the big game. These guys have a chance to make the Super Bowl. 2020 was a bad year for the team, but they can definitely do better this time.