Patriots Veteran Reveals Major Health Secret

New England Patriots veteran Brandon Bolden decided to share his health secret with his fans and supporters. Bolden was diagnosed with carcinoma in 2018 but luckily, he is cancer-free now.

The Patriots veteran had to undergo surgery to get rid of cancerous tissue. His cancer history was the top reason Bolden had to opt-out of the 2020 NFL season. New England lost a huge number of players for the same reason. Some of them decided to opt out due to health concern while others just wanted to protect their family. Dont’a Hightower, Marqise Lee, Najee Toran, Patrick Chung, Dan Vitale, Matt LaCosse, and Marcus Cannon didn’t join the Patriots in 2020. New England missed the playoffs last season. Chunk called it career.

“I lost the majority of function on the right side of my face and continued to play,’’ Bolden said. “It was just my face. It wasn’t the rest of my body, so I was OK with it.’’

Patriots veteran reveals health secret to motivate others

It was a bad experience and Bolden doesn’t like talking about it. He feels good right now.

“I don’t ever talk about it. I rarely talk about it,” the veteran said. “It never stopped me from doing anything. It didn’t hinder me from anything. It was just one of those things me and my family dealt with and just kept pushing and kept everything as normal as possible.”

The good news? Bolden is having an excellent season with the Patriots. His cancer didn’t stop him at all. Moreover, it gave him the strength to move on and do his best.

“Just to show… like… I had cancer and I didn’t think I was going to play another down in the NFL,” Bolden said on Thursday. “Here I am three years, going on four years, after having the surgery and still working strong. It was kind of one of those inspirational type deals for me because that took a lot. It was a lot of naysay from doctors and everything else and then I am here to prove people wrong and grow and get stronger.”