Proposed Trade Unloads Lakers Big Man for Rights to Overseas Star

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to several players. They have LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the floor, but general manager Rob Pelinka may soon go after another star. The Lakers traded for Russell Westbrook. They had different plans for the All-Star but most of these plans went down the hill. Of course, the franchise struggled with injuries and COVID, too. Now we have this trade proposal for the Lakers and a talented big man.

NBA analysts started discussing a few potential trade deals. One of these scenarios involves DeAndre Jordan. The veteran will get $2.6 million this season and LA may try to trade him to get another name.

A trade proposal for the Lakers revolves around a big man

Bobby Marks from ESPN has a trade proposal for the purple and gold. According to him, the Lakers should ship Jordan to the Orlando Magic. This gives the franchise an empty roster spot.

“Sorry, Lakers fans, it is a minor one. Jordan and $1 million to Orlando for the draft rights of Janis Timma,” Marks wrote.

Timma? The Memphis Grizzlies selected Timma in 2013 but he has yet to join the NBA. He has great skills and performance, but hasn’t played a game in the NBA.

Jordan won’t be of great help for the Orlando Magic because they sit well outside the playoff picture. This deal won’t hurt their roster.

Pelinka can get really creative with the open roster spot. The team showed interest in Kevin Love, but he has great role with the Cleveland Cavaliers and they won’t get rid of him that easily. We can’t say the same for Robert Covington. The Portland Trail Blazers struggle in the regular season and this may motivate Covington to leave the team.

There’s more. Goran Dragic is dealing with an injury and he didn’t see much playing time with the Toronto Raptors. LA needs an extra pair of hands at the moment and Dragic seems to be a good option for the offense.

Let’s see what happens with the Lakers this season. They have a few options at the moment. Pelinka will do the best for the team.