Tom Brady Reportedly “Preparing To Retire” In The Coming Days

Is Tom Brady ready to retire? Numerous sources suggest that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback will soon announce his retirement. This is definitely the hottest topic these days. People can’t stop talking about the GOAT. Brady plays elite football, and fans can’t really bite into the story that he will retire this offseason. However, CBS Sports has different story to tell.

TB12 has been in the NFL for over two decades. Many thought he’d stay around for a little longer. Even Alex Guerrero once said that Brady could play a few more seasons. Well, the greatest quarterback of all time probably has other plans on the table.

Tom Brady may retire after all

Following the loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Brady said he will take his time to make a decision on his future in the NFL. He sparkled another rumor during an appearance on a podcast. Brady said that his supermodel wife is really worried about him getting all those hits. Gisele has been talking about this for quite some time. Will she be able to help Brady make a decision on his retirement this offseason?

CBS Sports insider Jason La Canfora says that Brady will call it career “in the coming days.”

“Numerous sources close to Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady remain convinced that the all-time great is preparing to retire from the game, with a formal announcement expected shortly,” La Canfora reported on Friday night.

CBS Sports says the former New England Patriots is “preparing to retire” in one of their most recent videos. Is this the end of an era?

La Canfora mentioned that Brady is a “historian,” meaning he will probably announce his retirement these days just because he doesn’t want to get too much attention during the Super Bowl.

“Several sources who are within Brady’s inner circle anticipate that he will most likely reveal his future plans in the coming days,” La Canfora said. “Brady is a historian of the game, he understands what it takes for players and teams to reach this point in the season, and would not want to upstage the game itself in any way.”