LeBron James Makes His Thoughts On Playing With Bronny Very Clear

LeBron James won’t retire until he plays on the same team with his son Bronny. Simple as that. This is his greatest wish. We all know what happens when LeBron James makes a wish. Truth is, LeBron has a lot to offer and he can definitely have a few more seasons on the basketball court. His game is elite and he doesn’t even think of retiring now.

Bronny is entering the NBA really soon. Will the Los Angeles Lakers get him? LeBron is loyal to his teams, and this is probably the only way for things to be done. What if the Lakers don’t get Bronny? LeBron won’t mind going somewhere else.

LeBron James to play with Bronny?

The four-time NBA champion has talked about this in pretty much every interview. Playing with his oldest son would be like a dream come true.

“Wherever Bronny is at, that’s where I’ll be. I would do whatever it takes to play with my son for one year. It’s not about the money at that point,” James told Jason Lloyd from The Athletic.

We couldn’t agree more. LeBron has earned a lot of money in his career and he won’t be chasing big money. He is the highest-paid basketball player in the world. Why would he go after a lucrative deal when he can play with Bronny?

The young king has a long way to go before he joins the NBA. Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and North Carolina have shown great interest in him. How will Bronny handle the “pressure” of being LeBron’s son? He gets to choose what works best for his career. He has yet to make a move and LeBron will definitely help him pick the right option.

LeBron and Bronny will have to overcome a few obstacles if they want to share the same locker room. The Lakers superstar is represented by Klutch Sports and this may ease Bronny’s way to the NBA. Maybe they will play together in LA. The list of opportunities is really long. Pretty much every NBA team makes sense right now. LeBron will probably embrace each and every opportunity.