Footage Surfaces of LeBron James Berating Talen Horton-Tucker For Selfish Play During Game vs. Raptors

The Los Angeles Lakers lost another game and things got really messy. The team suffered a big blow and finished the game vs Toronto Raptors with a 114-103 loss. It was really bad and LeBron James got a little angry. I mean, Stephen A. Smith advised the Lakers to get him out of his misery. We all know what that means. At one point of the game, LeBron James confronted Talen Horton-Tucker after a “selfish” play.

This loss was a big blow for the Lakers and it was their 20th loss in the last 28 games. The front office has to do something. Lakers players lose games at home despite the support of their fans.

LeBron is one of the very few players in the NBA who try to elevate their teammates. The four-time NBA champion was never into bragging around about his accomplishment. He is more interested in bringing his teammates up and helping the team win games. We can definitely understand his frustration. Anthony Davis’ injury is not the only problem LA has at the moment. Players struggle to build chemistry. They struggle to win games.

LeBron to motivate Talen Horton-Tucker following a selfish play?

Horton-Tucker is a really talented player, but his inconsistency is a big problem. The Lakers didn’t want to trade him because they had great expectations from him. Was this a good move?

LeBron praised the young player on multiple occasions. He had words of praise for THT following the win over the Washington Wizards. He said that the young guard has earned his trust. They play together in the fourth and this happens for a reason.

The Lakers have a terrible record at the moment and fans have a few good reasons to be worried. LeBron didn’t want to shut down his season with the Lakers but things don’t look good right now.

The franchise has to make changes because this roster is not winning any games at all. NBA analysts have a few suggestions for the team and some scenarios include getting rid of Russell Westbrook and Frank Vogel.