Lakers Legend Shaquille O’Neal to Embark on Unique Tour in Australia

NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and he decided to turn this knowledge into something great. O’Neal has organized a tour and he will travel to Australia to help others accomplish great things in their lives. This is O’Neal’s first trip to the big country which only adds to its importance. I mean, O’Neal hasn’t had a tour in Australia for two decades. He is 50 and now is the perfect time to start “coaching” young entrepreneurs.

O’Neal excited about his tour in Australia

The Lakers legend has a great motivation to do this. His net worth goes up to $400 million. He may be the right person to educate others. O’Neal knows a lot about entrepreneurship and he has some cool tips for others.

“American sports legend Shaquille O’Neal is heading to Australia in August on a speaking tour, his first trip here in twenty years,” wrote A. James of Daily Mail Australia.

“The 50 year-old former NBA champ and entrepreneur, who is estimated to be worth US$400 million, says he plans to offer business tips on success and talk about his life and career.”

O’Neal has great plans and he will try to get the best of his trip to Australia. He really wants to teach those people everything he knows about the “game.”

“I can’t wait to see you Aussies Down Under,” big Shaq said.

O’Neal has been in the spotlight for years. He is one of the better players in the NBA and people will remember him for his impeccable game. O’Neal and Kobe Bryant built something great together and their friendship made a lot of great headlines in the past. They had nothing but respect for one another. Kobe is gone now, and O’Neal uses every opportunity to talk about his buddy.

The big man was a proud Laker and his dominance set up the perfect base for young players. His time in Los Angeles came to an end though. He joined the Miami Heat and won a ring with the team. Shaq played his last game in 2011.