Lakers Reportedly Make Roster Decision On DeAndre Jordan

The Los Angeles Lakers struggle to make an impact and it was more than obvious that the team wanted to make a change. Guess what… The Lakers front office made a decision and it revolves around DeAndre Jordan.

The talented player struggled to fit in Frank Vogel’s roster. LA tried to get him because of his talent. Well, Jordan didn’t meet expectations and he is out now. You read it right. The Lakers waived Jordan, triggering an avalanche of reactions. Rob Pelinka didn’t make a move at the trade deadline and he didn’t trade Russell Westbrook. I guess waiving Jordan was the first move in the line.

Did the Lakers make the right decision on DeAndre Jordan?

Tom Hollinger was among the first to report on Jordan’s waiving.

“Lakers cost themselves roughly $5M in tax payments and a small trade exception by not just sending cash to another team to take DeAndre Jordan at the trade deadline,” he tweeted. “Hey, it’s the Buss’s money, but that’s some FO malpractice right there.”

The Lakers tried to keep the roster intact but yes, they really had to make a move. Lakers head coach had great plans for Jordan but he didn’t have the final word. Many thought that Jordan would have a huge role on the roster.

“Well, we’re going to need them,” Vogel said. “A lot more now, obviously, than when AD was using up a lot of the center minutes. We’re going to need both of those guys.”

Vogel and the Lakers coaching staff tried to make some changes and put LeBron at center. The front office did a lot of things to make things work. Did it work? Not for Jordan. He was the odd one out.

“There were some real positives with how we were playing small and Bron was playing center, whether or not that becomes a full-time things, it’s probably better to be more of a hybrid of using that lineup in doses,” Vogel said on February 25. “But we definitely looked at that stretch of our season to evaluate who we’re gonna be going forward.”