LeBron James Sounds Off After Latest Injury Woe

The Los Angeles Lakers lost another game and that’s not their only problem at the moment. LeBron James shocked fans with his latest injury and it was really nasty. This injury happened at the worst time possible. Unfortunately, LeBron may miss time, too.

“I was going in for an offensive rebound and me and Jaxson basically stepped at the same time,” said LeBron. “He got his foot on the ground before I could get my foot back on the hardwood. I stepped on his foot and rolled my ankle.”

LeBron had to finish the game despite his injury. It was bad but his team had to beat the New Orleans Pelicans. They didn’t and blew a 23-point lead.

“I mean, I have no idea how I finished the game, to be honest, after watching that replay,” LeBron said. “It was pretty nasty. I mean, from the time I turned my ankle I felt a sharp pain run up my leg. It started getting hot. And I’ve been there before with ankle sprains before. But I didn’t want to come out of the game because I understood [the importance]. I mean, I just wanted to win the game. I understood how big of a game it was for us.”

LeBron has missed a lot of time due to injuries and he may miss even more games. The Lakers have a few games left on their schedule. Lakers players won’t be able to win most of them with LeBron at the sideline.

The four-time NBA champion will gladly return to the floor. Let’s see what team doctors say first. His teammates will have to play against top contenders so that ankle better heal first.

“Well, if I’m healthy, for sure,” LeBron said of his return and the playoffs. “Obviously I’m pretty banged up with that ankle. But I still feel like if I’m on the floor and I can make things happen then we still got a pretty good chance to make something out of this season.”

It was a bad season for the Lakers and these injuries put a black dot on the team. Will the Lakers even make the playoffs? Fans are still optimists.