Patriots Met With These Top Linebacker Prospects At NFL Combine

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not wasting his time and he has already met with a few linebacker prospects at the NFL Combine. The Patriots will address a few positions this offseason and getting a few linebackers is definitely a priority. Belichick will also need some receivers to add depth to the position.

Reporters confirmed that the Patriots have met with Utah’s Devin Lloyd, Georgia’s Quay Walker, Wyoming’s Chad Muma, and Alabama’s Christian Harris in Indianapolis.

Patriots to get top linebacker prospects and boost the receiving group

Belichick will need the top prospect available at the moment. Lloyd is definitely a good option and he is also a top prospect in his group. By getting Utah’s prospect, the Patriots will also get a player with great experience, physicality, and playmaking ability. In 2021, Lloyd had 110 tackles, 22 tackles for loss, eight sacks, four interceptions, and six pass breakups. That’s not all. The Patriots could also use someone who can take the leading role without any major obstacles. Everything depends on Lloyd’s performance at the NFL Combine. Good numbers could send the 135-pounder straight to New England.

NFL analysts agree that Lloyd is better than any other prospect in his group.

The Patriots also met with Troy Andersen and Aaron Hansford.

Belichick found his quarterback of the future and now he needs to build the roster around him. Several positions require more depth heading into the spring OTAs. The Patriots have good players on the roster but their group may look a lot different in the regular season. Free agents may opt for another home in the NFL. JC Jackson is the best free agent on Belichick’s roster and the team may lose him to another team, including division rivals.

The Patriots have to make some calculations to avoid making mistakes. They have been linked to several players in the NFL. Bringing new guys in means getting rid of some of the players on the current roster. Nelson Agholor may go after having a disappointing season with the Patriots.