Bill Belichick Old Comment On Tom Brady Is Going Viral

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a man of a few words but every comment he makes goes viral. The legendary head coach led his team to many titles and he is now trying to keep the tradition alive. Well, Tom Brady’s departure made things a little difficult for the head coach. The Patriots tried Cam Newton but the experiment didn’t work. They have a first round pick at center and Mac Jones really looks like someone who can replace Brady.

When it comes to the former Patriots quarterback, it would be nice if we mention the fact that he joined the team 22 years ago.

Brady was a sixth round pick for the Patriots. Most NFL teams ignored his potential and Belichick saw something special. Sort of. Brady and Belichick won six Super Bowls together and made nine appearances in 20 years. They built the Patriots dynasty.

Bill Belichick made a comment after drafting Brady and it’s now viral for a reason

Belichick drafted Brady and made a hilarious comment following the conclusion of the 2000 NFL Draft.

“The value board at that point really just clearly put him as the top value. Tom Brady is a guy who has obviously played at a high level of competition in front of a lot of people. He’s been in a lot of pressure situations. We felt that this year, his decision-making was improved from his junior year after he took over for Brian Griese and cut his interceptions down. He’s a good, tough, competitive, smart quarterback that is a good value, and how he does and what he’ll be able to do… We’ll just put him out there with everybody else and let him compete and see what happens.”

We know what happened. Brady led the Patriots to many wins. He wanted a better deal at the end of his tenure with the team, but Belichick didn’t want to give him any. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a better offer for Brady. They gave him a two-year deal worth $50 million.