Diehard Lakers Fan Has Message For Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook went nuclear on pretty much every member of the Los Angeles Lakers, including players and coaches. Yes, several reports confirmed that the veteran didn’t have the best relationship with Frank Vogel. I guess everyone thought it would be nice if they pull all the dirt out now that the regular season is over. Westbrook claims the Lakers never gave him a “fair chance” and we have questions. At least one Lakers fan had a message for Westbrook following his final press conference.

Instead of accepting the defeat, Westbrook came up with an excuse for his poor performance. His stats were great, but his team didn’t even make the play-in tournament, so they weren’t of great help.

Lakers fan delivers bold message for Westbrook, fans react

Hip Hop icon Ice Cube had a message for Russ. He is a huge fan of Broddie, but he couldn’t even deal with the comments the veteran made.

 “Bro I love you. I really do. But the layups missed,” O’Shea Jackson Jr. said. “The turnovers. The bricks. Ain’t nobody else’s fault. You don’t have to do this man. Bron and AD have both said y’all just weren’t healthy enough and y’all barely practiced.”

NBA fans took notice of this response and their reaction was expected.

“This real,” a user replied. “I’m a Russ fan but if he really wanted things to be different in LA it starts with accountability. The mental part of basketball is 90% of the battle!”

“A bad relationship with your coach can destroy your game and turn you into a shell of the player you used to be,” another user commented. “Sure, you have to work through it but ‘just hoop’ is easier said than done.”

Some fans weren’t too kind. Westbrook said he likes his team, but now he acts like someone who wants to leave the team. Let’s just say many Lakers fans want him out too. He wasn’t treated like a star and “Westbrick” became his second name. No one was happy about his turnovers and the bricks he delivered throughout the entire season.

Westbrook may have brought his time in LA to an end.