Kevin Durant Strikes Back at Popular LeBron James Misconception

Kevin Durant and LeBron James have developed their own dominant style in the NBA. Both players have led their teams to many wins. Unfortunately, they both missed the playoffs this season. Durant had a good season with the Brooklyn Nets, but the team lost four games in the first round series to the Boston Celtics. LeBron and his teammates didn’t even make the play-in tournament.

So, LeBron and Durant are born leaders and they have a big say in what their respective teams do in the regular season. Well, KD has something to say about this. He has been around for many years and he knows how things work.

“I feel like that’s a narrative that [media created]. I don’t even think LeBron does that,” Durant told Yahoo! Sports. “He might have input or know some information. But him saying [pointing left], ‘This is who you should get.’ [Points right.] ‘That’s who you should get,’ I don’t think it works like that.

“I’ve been around Steph [Curry], he doesn’t work like that. Let people do their jobs. It’s not on me to overstep what they do. I’m just here to support. If they need me to text or call somebody that may come, of course.”

Kevin Durant and LeBron James will keep doing their job

Yes, players may share their thoughts and give ideas, but they can’t just take full control over the team. Yes, LeBron has helped the Lakers snatch a few big players. He was all-in when it comes to getting Anthony Davis. He and AD were all-in when it comes to getting Russell Westbrook. Unfortunately, Russ was not a good fit for the team.

Here’s the thing. LeBron didn’t get everything he wanted from the Lakers. He has nothing but words of praise for Ty Lue. However, the Lakers didn’t hire him. Lue celebrated his deal with LA and even had a cake with the Lakers logo on it. It didn’t happen. Frank Vogel became the head coach of the Lakers and now he is fired. Who will replace him? LeBron has a few ideas, but he won’t have the final word.