Lakers Offer 2-Word Message For Frank Vogel

The Los Angeles Lakers ended the season with a disappointing record. The front office ruled LeBron out a few games ago. It was a bad season and LeBron couldn’t save it. Re-aggravating his injury is the last thing Rob Pelinka needed at the moment. So, they will reshape the roster and yes, they will also get a new head coach. The Lakers decided to move on from the head coach and delivered a short message for Vogel.

“Thank you.”

That’s pretty much LA said in the final message for the former head coach. Vogel led the team to a win in Orlando. He worked with injured players and had to change the gameplan every time his players sustained injuries. Many players got COVID and he had to isolate himself as well. It was a long and tough season for every member of the Lakers family. Did Vogel deserve to be fired?

Lakers have short message for Vogel despite the trophy he gave them

Reporters asked Vogel about the decision after beating the Brooklyn Nets and he gave a NSFW response. The decision wasn’t official and Vogel acted as expected. Now it’s official and LA didn’t have anything more to say.

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for Frank both on and off the court,” said Rob Pelinka. “Frank is a great coach and a good man. We will forever be grateful to him for his work in guiding us to the 2019-20 NBA championship. This is an incredibly difficult decision to make, but one we feel is necessary at this point. All of us here wish Frank and his wonderful family all the best for the future.”

The Lakers made a move and fans predicted a few replacements for Vogel.

This was an awkward divorce, but Pelinka did what he had to do. His team had another disappointing season and someone had to go. Vogel was the first to go. Russell Westbrook may be the next one to go.

Vogel led the Lakers to a title and he won’t have trouble finding home in the NBA. Let’s see what happens next in Los Angeles.