Lakers Show ‘Serious’ Interest in Stealing Rival Head Coach

The Los Angeles Lakers fired Frank Vogel after the disappointing record and now they are looking for the best replacement. The team has been linked to several coaches. According to several sources, the Lakers may be stealing a rival head coach.

Is Quin Snyder the best person to replace Vogel? The Utah Jazz lost the series to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, but this doesn’t have a huge impact on the whole situation.

Lakers may be stealing the rival head coach despite all odds

Mark Stein discussed the idea of seeing Snyder as the next Lakers head coach. Of course, Snyder has to break his ties with the Jazz first. He has a 372-264 winning record with the Jazz. Here comes the catch. Snyder appreciates a high-paced offense.

“The Lakers’ interest in Snyder as a successor to Frank Vogel is serious, sources say,” Stein wrote. “There is nonetheless ongoing skepticism in coaching circles that Snyder would want to move from Utah — where he has enjoyed a considerable amount of control and influence — to take over the LeBron James-led Lakers in their current state after the never-ending chaos that engulfed Vogel’s last two seasons. Vogel, remember, wasn’t allowed to choose any of his primary assistant coaches and had to take constant input from Lakers’ front office adviser Kurt Rambis.”

What about Mark Jackson? Even LeBron James has shown great appreciation for his skillset. Jackson spent some time with the Golden State Warriors, but didn’t win a championship with the team. LeBron is not the only fan. The same goes to NBA icon Shaquille O’Neal and former Lakers veteran JR Smith.

Oh wait, what about O’Neal? He joked about him being a good coaching option for the Lakers. Big Shaq has been around for a really long time. He knows the game really well. Can he get the attention of Lakers players?

Will the new head coach find a way to get the best of Russell Westbrook? The nine-time All-Star may be on his way out of LA. However, the Lakers would keep their roster intact, hoping that the new head coach would find a mutual language with the veteran. Westbrook didn’t have the best relationship with Vogel and David Fizdale.