LeBron James’ Old Comment On Russell Westbrook Going Viral

Russell Westbrook joined the Los Angeles Lakers as a third option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The Lakers traded three players to get him, but this experiment didn’t work at all. Westbrook had some great stats in the regular season, but he wasn’t a good fit for the team. Lakers players didn’t say a word about him, but Frank Vogel benched him on multiple occasions. Vogel did the best for his team and used players who can win games. Yes, that’s exactly what he said about Westbrook’s benching. LeBron made comment about Westbrook in the past and it’s now viral.

The Lakers have a bad season and many fans have placed the blame on Westbrook. They call him names and Westbrook doesn’t want his family to attend home games. He doesn’t want them to listen crowds chanting “Westbrick.”

Once again, the Lakers are missing the playoffs. How will this affect Westbrook’s future with the team?

LeBron made comment on Westbrook last August and it’s viral

There’s an old Instagram post and it’s now viral for a reason.

In his post, LeBron shared a photo of him and Russ, and wrote, “Work with the Brodie! I agree I don’t think this will work.”

You can already imagine the chaos on Twitter. People retweeted the post reminding everyone of LeBron’s old comment.

Westbrook wouldn’t agree on this one though. In his most recent session with the media, Westbrook said that he sees himself on Rob Pelinka’s future roster. He likes playing with the team and nothing will stop him from playing his basketball as a Laker.

Lakers fans are unhappy with the veteran. He doesn’t pay much attention to what they have to say either. This was a blunt shot at the Lakers fanbase. A lot of people won’t like any of this.

Magic Johnson doesn’t believe that the Lakers should trade Westbrook either. He said that the nine-time All-Star should accept his mistakes and try to give his best next season. This one is already over for the purple and gold. Let’s see what happens next season.