New Video Features Demolition Of Gillette Stadium Lighthouse

The New England Patriots are renovating their home! Yes, this is the answer to all your questions related to the demolition of the Gillette Stadium lighthouse.

The Patriots have already announced the renovation and the lighthouse was the first to go. The organization shared a video and it was really… shocking!

Several reporters confirmed that beginning in early 2022, construction will begin in the north portion of the stadium. It’s a major project and fans have a few reasons to celebrate. The home of their favorite team will be even better now!

Improved Gillette Stadium lighthouse and ultimate video board!

According to initial reports, the project features a reimagined plaza leading into the stadium. This, of course, includes a new and enhanced lighthouse. The inside will be super cool as well. It will feature a new HD video board and improved concession locations. You got to love the latest fan amenities.

In the first two decades of the stadium, Robert Kraft and his family have invested more than $300 million on stadium enhancements. The latest project totals an additional $225 million. Well, it also covers the south end zone improvements the Patriots made last offseason.

The Kraft family is fully committed to the stadium. They are investing their money and soul into the area and the results are here. Gillette Stadium gives you the ultimate fan experience.

We don’t have too much information about the completion of the construction, but we do know that the Patriots plan to finish it prior to the 2023 NFL season.

The north end of the stadium will look a lot different as it will be emphasized 75,000-square feet of glass-enclosed year-round hospitality. It also includes function spaces that connects the East and West Putnam Clubs, the Dell Technologies Suite Levels, and the upper concourse.

The levels of Gillette Stadium will feature a 360-degree connectivity.

Imagine watching the game on the largest outdoor stadum HD video board in the US! You are getting a 370’ x 60’ video board. It doesn’t get any better than this, right?