Patriots Reveal Behind-The-Scenes Look At Cole Strange Draft Pick

The New England Patriots got Cole Strange with the No.29 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick traded down the draft to get the player he needs. Why did Belichick use his first pick on an offensive lineman? This was definitely one of the strangest moves Belichick has made so far.

The Patriots got three picks from the Kansas City Chiefs. The war room was on fire. Now we have a video of the moment Belichick selected Strange. According to this video, the Patriots head coach didn’t think twice. He wanted Strange. His team got ready to make a move, and Belichick said, “All right, give it to them.”

This move was really strange. Many thought that Strange would be selected in the second round of the draft. Some fans say the Patriots should have waited until the second round to get Strange.

Belichick had Nos. 94 and 121, but Cole “wouldn’t have lasted much longer.”

Patriots made Cole Strange their first draft pick for a reason

Strange is incredible athletic. He is 23 and the Patriots will definitely find great use for his skills.

“He’s long. He’s athletic. Physically tough. He’s an aggressive player,” Belichick said. “I think he has a good combination of skills, run and pass, movement, length, strength, again, all of which will hopefully get better, like they will with any player coming from college to the National Football League. Cole fits well into our team and our system, and we obviously think he’s a good player.”

The Patriots shared a video of Belichick’s draft battle. Matt Patricia joined the crew and so did Patriots director of player personnel Matt Groh, director of scouting Eliot Wolf, pro scouting director Steve Cargile, college scouting director Camren Williams.

Patriots team owner Robert Kraft was more than happy about Strange’s selection. The Patriots got a really good guy.

“That tells me you have good interpersonal skills, and that’s great,” Kraft told Strange.

Who is the next player to join the Patriots? Belichick is eyeing his options and he probably has his eyes set on several players.