Russell Westbrook Addresses Lakers Future

The Los Angeles Lakers made a lot of mistakes this season and the results are here. LeBron James and his teammates can no longer rely on the play-in tournament. Reports suggest that Frank Vogel may leave the team in the offseason. The front office may look for a replacement. Vogel led the Lakers to a title, but the last couple of seasons were really disappointing. What about Russell Westbrook and his Lakers future?

Westbrook joined the Lakers through a big trade. The franchise traded Kyle Kuzma, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell and picks to get Russ. This experiment didn’t work and Lakers fans called him “Westbrick”. The nine-time All-Star is an excellent player, but he wasn’t a good fit for the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook is positive about his Lakers future

If you ask Russ, he will say that the Lakers will probably keep him around for a while. He talked about this during the most recent session with the media. Of course, no one made promises, but Westbrook believes that he will be a Laker in the future.

“That’s the plan, but nothing is promised,” Westbrook said. “You’ve got to take one day at a time each day. Yes, we want to be able to see what that looks like over an 82-game season, but we’re not sure if that’s guaranteed.”

Russ really wants to share the floor with LeBron, Anthony Davis, and other Lakers players. It was a long season and everyone made mistakes. His latest comments really shocked the world.

NBA analysts wouldn’t place the blame on Westbrook only. They discussed Vogel’s coaching and all the injuries that happened in the regular season. LeBron missed too much time and Davis didn’t play for a couple of months. Some players didn’t even get a chance to see action with the team.

Hopefully, the Lakers will fix the damage in the offseason. Pelinka will have a long offseason and he has plenty of time to repair the roster and replace all the players who failed to perform this season. Who will be the first to go?