Steve Kerr’s Comment On LeBron Is Going Viral

Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors made the postseason and used the perfect opportunity to take a jab at LeBron James. Stephen Curry and his teammates have a good record and own the No.3 seed in the Western Conference. The Los Angeles Lakers are outside the playoff picture and it’s official. LeBron will miss the playoffs for the first time since joining the storied franchise.

“You know when you get in the playoffs and you need to guard, name it, Paul George or LeBron, well, not this year. Sorry, I didn’t mean that, just a subtle jab,” Kerr said.

Kerr is obviously excited about the success his team had this season. The Warriors were forced to take part in the play-in tournament last season. LeBron’s team won the match and the Lakers ended up playing against the Phoenix Suns in the first series. The rest is history.

The Lakers entered the 2021-22 NBA season with great plans. They gathered a bunch of great veterans and had high hopes for the season. Rob Pelinka even traded three of his players to get Russell Westbrook. The Westbrook experiment didn’t work and Russ will probably go somewhere else following the regular season.

LeBron missed many games due to his injuries and the same goes to Anthony Davis. The big man sat at the sideline for a couple of months. The absence of these two put a black dot on the season and the results are here.

Steve Kerr respects LeBron

Kerr has nothing but respect for LeBron, but he definitely feels relieved right now. He won’t have to worry about playing against LeBron. He won’t have to coach against the greatest basketball player of all time.

LeBron’s performance has impressed a lot of coaches in the NBA. Kerr once said he was the greatest athlete of all time. This puts LeBron on top of the world. Kerr wasn’t talking about Curry at all. He was just super impressed by the king of basketball. That sure means a thing.

LeBron is out of the playoffs now and he is already making plans for the next season.