Brian Windhorst Compares Lakers New Head Coach with Fierce Rivals

The Los Angeles Lakers have great expectations from the new head coach. Darvin Ham interviewed with the team and got the job. He was frontrunner for this position and it seems like everyone wanted him to “win the competition”. LeBron James is a fan and Magic Johnson wanted someone who has played the game. What else could you ask for?

The Lakers front office interviewed a few coaching options and made a decision. Ham faces a big challenge with his arrival in Los Angeles. He spent time in LA from 2011 to 2013 and this will be his first job as a head coach.

Brian Windhorst is a fan. He has nothing but praise of Ham, noting that the talented coach has been waiting for an opportunity like this.

“Darvin Ham has been waiting for this opportunity, preparing for this opportunity, for years. He’s interviewed for job after job, and he’s performed well in those interviews, but he hasn’t gotten a chance until now. He has checked every box, he’s learned under great coaches, he’s coached superstars, and he’s been a part of championship teams.”

The Lakers can win a title with the new head coach

NBA teams have made several changes at head coach in the last few seasons. The Portland Trail Blazers had Chauncey Billups last season. It was his first season with the team and he sure understands Ham’s tasks at the moment. Billups talked to Dan Woike and Broderick Turner about the new Lakers head coach. He believes that the Lakers made a really smart decision this offseason. Hiring Ham was a good move. He knows the game and this knowledge is a game-changer.

Ham has been winning games as a player and his teams have won during his time as an assistant. The former Milwaukee Bucks assistant can accomplish a lot of great things in LA.

“He’s going to be honest as a coach of the Lakers, which is what I think you need in the NBA today — somebody that’s going, to be honest, but knows how to be honest without actually just tearing you down…What can you say? He’s won as a player,” Billups said. “He’s won as a coach. I mean, this dude is more than qualified for the task at hand. I’m so happy and proud of him. I spoke to him last night and he was so excited.”

Ham has an army of supporters

The list of fans doesn’t end here. Feel free to add Metta Sandiford-Artest to the list of supporters. Ham really cares about his players. Finding the right way to communicate with the team is of utmost importance. This may be the most important skill an NBA head coach could ever have.

The NBA has changed over the years, but Ham “understands modern basketball”.

“He definitely understands modern basketball. He also is capable of communicating in a way where you can receive it the right way. He’s definitely a presence, but he also has a communication about him that is, I’m not going to say soft, but you understand that he has your best interest at heart,” Artest said.