Jeanie Buss True Opinion on Trading LeBron James Revealed

The Los Angeles Lakers have been involved in too many rumors this offseason. The team missed the chance to compete against other contenders in the Western Conference. Frank Vogel is out and the Lakers are already planning their next move. According to several analysts, Jeanie Buss should consider trading LeBron James.

Why would the Lakers trade LeBron? Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson did their best to bring him in LA. LeBron signed with the Lakers on the first day of his free agency. He led the team to a title inside the NBA bubble. Rob Pelinka constructed the roster around LeBron. He traded for Anthony Davis and also got Russell Westbrook. Brodie didn’t fit for the Lakers and he will probably go somewhere else.

What about LeBron? Will he sign with another team this offseason?

Jeanie Buss shouldn’t consider trading LeBron

How do the Lakers feel about LeBron? The four-time NBA champion will probably see a big contract extension in the offseason. He will probably take every detail into consideration before he makes a decision. Bronny will enter the NBA in 2023 and LeBron will definitely join the team that selects his oldest son. This may be a game-changer in his situation with the Lakers.

Sam Amick from The Athletic reported that Buss hasn’t discussed LeBron’s departure from LA.

“If LeBron James ultimately decides against signing an extension with the Lakers in August, sources say Buss wouldn’t see his desire to play out the final season of his contract as a reason to consider trading him,” Amick wrote. “Without an extension, James’ current deal will expire after next season (in which he’s owed $47.1 million).”

LeBron came to LA to win, but the Lakers weren’t really winning in the last couple of seasons. He has a few good seasons left and he won’t waste his time on a roster that struggles to win. The Lakers really have to improve the roster and give LeBron better players to work with. In 2021-22, Lakers players struggled with chemistry issues and most of them were inconsistent.