Kendrick Bourne Had Awkward Reaction To Patriots Trading Back In Draft

The New England Patriots made a few moves before entering the 2022 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick traded down to get the No. 29 overall pick. The Patriots used this pick to get Cole Strange. It wasn’t really an expected move and the NFL world was pretty shocked. Patriots players spoke their mind on this particular move. Wide receiver Kendrick Bourne talked about the Patriots trading back the draft.

To be honest, Bourne wasn’t really a fan of this decision. He was at Mac Jones’ house to attend the draft-night party. The Patriots wide receiver shared a video of the moment Belichick traded back. It’s available on his YouTube channel. Let’s just say he wasn’t too happy about this.

Kendrick Bourne didn’t like the fact that the Patriots were trading back

Bourne, just like many analysts, thought that the Patriots would get a cornerback. He also predicted a selection of an offensive lineman or a wide receiver.

“I’m out of here after this,” Bourne says in the video. “This is past my bedtime. I’ve got to go to sleep.”

The Patriots announced their decision to send their No.21 pick to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“I told you!” Damien Harris said.

Yes, Bourne had to wait for another eight selections. He was definitely tired and unamused. Why did Belichick do this?

“Oh my (expletive) goodness,” Bourne said through a smile. “Oh my gosh, bro. Bro, what the (expletive)? Bro, I’m out of here, bro. This some bull(expletive). I’ve been waiting over here for (expletive) hours! What the (expletive)? Been waiting all day for this (expletive). Oh my gosh. Bill! Bill! …

“Bro, we’ve been waiting all day. I’m out of here. I’m out of here, bro.”

It’s not like he didn’t like the pick. Bourne was just tired and wanted to go to bed early.

New England played really smart this time. Belichick had a few good reasons to pick those players. Let’s see how these players work on the football field. It’s a long offseason and they will have time to bond with their new teammates.