Kendrick Bourne Hypes Damien Harris To One-Up Viral Nick Chubb Video

The New England Patriots have a lot of strong players on the roster. Who is the strongest warrior on Bill Belichick’s roster? Patriots wide receiver Kendrick Bourne would bet on Damien Harris. Moreover, he believes Harris can do better than Nick Chubb when it comes to power-lifting.

The Patriots receiver hyped Harris in the weight room and the whole thing was caught on cameras.

Harris is an incredible player and happens to be one of the toughest runners in the NFL. Belichick praised his strength and incredible dominance on the football field. The veteran learned from the best. Harris worked with former Patriots running backs coach Ivan Fears and they built incredible chemistry.

Fears’ presence in New England motivated Harris and helped him unleash his full potential. Fears was more than convinced that Harris will have an excellent career in the NFL. He really wanted the strong guy to keep his attitude and chase his great career. Following the wild-card loss to the Buffalo Bills, Harris and Fears shared an emotional embrace. Fears watched the running back grow and develop. As you all know, Harris admitted that Fears helped him become who he is.

Kendrick Bourne, Patriots respect Damien Harris

Harris has incredible relationship with his teammates. He and Mac Jones traveled to Las Vegas to the Pro Bowl. NFL fans had a chance to see some cool photos of the little adventure.

When it comes to his relationship with Jones, Harris praises every bit of his talent. The veteran came up with a nickname for his teammate right after Jones delivered a good pass in the Pro Bowl. How about McGriddy? The second-year quarterback did the Griddy celebration after the pass and Harris loved it.

Bourne has to do his share, too. He and Jones were a lethal duo this past season. Hopefully, we will see more of their connection on the football field.

The Patriots entered the 2022 NFL season with a great plan. Harris and Bourne will play a big role in the gameplan. Let’s see if Harris’ strength helps the Patriots win more games.