Kyle Kuzma Reacts to Analyst’s Wild Criticism of LeBron James

The NBA is filled with friendship and rivalry. Well, Kyle Kuzma has definitely found a friend in LeBron James. They played together for a few seasons and became close. The Lakers traded Kuzma to the Washington Wizards, because they decided to bring Anthony Davis to LA. Kuzma flourished with his new team and has nothing but great words for his former team. Yes, Kuzma follows every move and every comment in the NBA. He heard what analysts had to say about the king.

Kyle Kuzma defends LeBron James

Skip Bayless, as usual, trashed LeBron for enjoying his time off. If you ask Bayless, he will say that LeBron has to be in the gym 24/7. Well, no, LeBron can’t do that. He is a human being. LeBron is coming off of a good season. He was averaging 30+ points and was the ultimate MVP candidate. The Lakers were eliminated from the playoff race and King James couldn’t get the individual award. Kuzma knows that LeBron is an incredible player and decided to step in and support him.

LeBron is entering a challenging season

Jeanie Buss has great plans for the Lakers. She was a bit frustrated because the franchise spent a lot of time to get new players.

“It’s normal when you have a top player or players you bounce things off of them, I think that’s smart business,” Buss said of LeBron. “I want him to feel confident in the team, that we have the pieces to win a championship. He has to be happy. … I want to make sure that he’s happy.”

LeBron and AD will join forces again and will do their best to lead the team to a win.

“There’s no reason for me to think we can’t win with them,” Buss said of her superstars. “Something that I learned from Phil Jackson is that there’s always a path to success. … Sometimes it might be a little bit harder than other times, … but you have to see the ability.”

How will the Lakers handle the situation this time? He came to LA to win and the Lakers didn’t really win much in the last couple of seasons. Brian Windhorst believes that LeBron will stay in LA.

“From the LeBron side, as far as I understand, and before I say this it’s important with LeBron that you have to keep taking the temperature. Just because it’s certain one way on a Wednesday, doesn’t mean it will be Friday. But from what I understand, LeBron and Jeanie are in a good place right now,” Windhorst said. “Despite the frustrations of the season, LeBron believes that a few tweaks and some health can actually turn this thing around and they can be super competitive. He is invested and wants to be there.”