Lakers Could Go for Rare Blockbuster Trade, Says Insider

The Los Angeles Lakers have been advised to make at least one blockbuster trade in the offseason. Of course, most rumors revolve around Russell Westbrook.

Sam Amick from The Athletic has another idea. He discussed a potential trade between the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles. Oh, yes, Doc Rivers could soon join the Lakers.

Philadelphia tries really hard to convince everyone that Rivers will keep his position with the team. Rivers knows LA really well. The Clippers got him in a trade with the Boston Celtics.

“The Sixers wasted no time in making it clear that Doc Rivers will be their coach next season, but it’s still fair to wonder if that will turn out to be the case — if only because of Rivers’ history,” Amick wrote on May 16, 2022. “Back in the summer of 2013, of course, his desire to coach the Clippers led to their trade with the Celtics for his services (Boston landed a 2015 first-rounder in the deal). So if the Lakers decided that he was the right guy to replace Vogel, and if Rivers wanted that job more than the one he has, then maybe we could see a repeat situation here? Then again, the Lakers are in no position to be giving up any of their (extremely) limited assets these days — whether it’s for a coach, a Westbrook deal or otherwise.”

The price would be too high. Rob Pelinka wouldn’t trade his first round pick to get a head coach. He didn’t want to trade Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets because they wanted his first-round selection.

Lakers could pull out this blockbuster trade for a specific reason

Ramona Shelburne from ESPN discussed Rivers’ role in his current team. According to this report, his future is “one to watch.”

“Listen, everyone I talk to in the league expects this to be one to watch,” Shelburne explained during a May 13 episode of “NBA Today.” “This is a situation that over the next couple weeks I think everybody will be watching closely. Because as you know, there are two head coaching jobs that are open in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Doc Rivers is under contract for three more years here in Philadelphia. It’s a lot of money left on his deal. He makes about $8 million a year. Obviously, Doc would want to coach and wants all that money one way or another. So, Daryl [Morey] is saying the right thing here. I thought it was good they had a united showing there, but from everyone around the league that I talk to said, ‘let’s keep an eye on this one.’”