Lakers: Kyrie Irving Gives LeBron James Ultimate Compliment

Now is the perfect time to add fuel to the fire. The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for ways to improve their roster. LeBron James joined the Lakers to win rings, but the team didn’t win any in the last couple of seasons. Rob Pelinka has to make big moves even if it means trading some of his top players. Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook are commonly mentioned in trade rumors. Well, some say the Lakers should trade LeBron as well. Kyrie Irving praised great LeBron James at the very same moment someone said they should team up.

Irving and LeBron played together in Cleveland, but the Nets veteran requested a trade. He wanted to lead his own team and the Cavaliers traded him to the Boston Celtics. It didn’t last long and Irving ended up playing with the Brooklyn Nets. There was a tension between Irving and LeBron, but it looks like they found a way to sort things out.

Kyrie Irving praises LeBron James amid drama

In his recent appearance, Irving talked about many interesting topics, including the king of basketball. According to Irving, LeBron helped him a lot.

“…I definitely feel like me learning from him helped accelerate my understanding of the game that we’re in, the business that we’re in,” Irving said on the I AM ATHLETE podcast. “Because I was watching him deal with it in front of the camera, off the camera. Being LeBron James, that comes with its own responsibility.”

Irving left the Cavaliers but he can definitely see himself in Los Angeles in another scenario.

“I’d probably be in L.A. right now. I’d probably be traveling with his backpack. Nah, I’m joking, man. That was a time in my career that I look back on, and we’ve had conversations, me and Bron, plenty of conversations. …That’s my dog, shout out to Bron, man.”

This sure fuels all the rumors about Irving, LA, and LeBron. The Nets met with Pelinka and this meeting sparkled the rumors about a potential trade. Irving’s situation is a bit shaky. He didn’t play too much last season due to COVID protocols. Kevin Durant will definitely leave the team if the Nets don’t bring Irving back in the fold. Brooklyn had a good Big 3 early in the regular season, but now they are left with nothing.