Lakers Urged to Take Drastic Measure With LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers will have to make a much-needed change in the offseason. They fired head coach Frank Vogel after the final game of the 2021-22 NBA season. General Manager Rob Pelinka is expected to make a few blockbuster trades in the next couple of months. Russell Westbrook is the first player to come to your mind whenever someone mentions the word “trade”, but Stephen A. Smith mentioned another player. According to him, the Lakers have to take a big measure with LeBron James.

Lakers to take huge measure with superstar LeBron James

Jeanie Buss and Magic Johnson made a big move to get LeBron on his first day of free agency. It was a good deal, but Smith believes LeBron should go somewhere else. Maybe he just wants the Lakers to get him out of his misery. LeBron came to Los Angeles to win and he wasn’t really winning last season. King James had great stats this past season and he is 37. He had a MVP season but his teammates dragged him down. Lakers players lost too many games.

“I think the Los Angeles Lakers should strongly consider trading LeBron James. It’s what I believe,” Smith said. “Now, a lot of people are going to lose their minds because the brother is 37, in his 19th year and he just averaged 30 and all this other stuff. If the team was better, he’d have been the league MVP candidate without question. This is not throwing a speck of shade at LeBron James in case he’s watching, which he’ll try to deny it but he’s watching. OK, I’m telling you right now, it’s no shade at all. It’s a testament to his greatness and it’s a compliment to him.”

We have a few good reasons to believe that the Lakers won’t let go LeBron that easily. Maybe the team will wait for the new head coach to arrive. He may have a better solution to the situation in LA. The new head coach will work with a good group of players. Of course, some of the players may leave the team in free agency.