LeBron James Reminds Fans on Having The ‘Weight of The World’ on His Shoulders

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been playing in the NBA for two decades. Talented LeBron made headlines in high school. Everyone wanted to see the kid from Akron win games. LeBron entered the NBA straight from high school. He had already made a name for himself. LeBron didn’t have any experience in the NBA, but most analysts considered him a star. Considering himself a king, LeBron James has seen it all and he really felt the weight of the world on his back.

LeBron is entering the 20th season in the NBA. It was a long journey for the king of basketball. He had a chance to play with so many different players. The same goes to coaches.

Twitter was flooded with an old footage of LeBron. It was all over social media. LeBron took notice of it and his reaction was priceless.

King James is the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen. He is an impeccable player and his basketball intelligence is brilliant. LeBron can predict pretty much every move his opponents make and his photographic memory makes everything easier.

LeBron James will keep carrying the weight of the world on his back

Many have compared LeBron to Michael Jordan. Truth is, the kid from Akron is chasing his own dreams. He considers himself the GOAT mostly because he helped the Cleveland Cavaliers win a title in 2016. He has helped his teams win a ring. The best part? LeBron is on a good way to win a few more.

The Lakers have just finished a disappointing season. They lost many games and LeBron’s next move will help the front office rearrange the roster. His future plans have a huge impact on the team. Will Rob Pelinka build a new roster around LeBron? Will LeBron leave the franchise in 2023?

There has been growing speculation this offseason. The Lakers have been linked to several players and yes, LeBron has been linked to many teams. He once said that he would join the team that selects his oldest son Bronny. He wants to play with his son, remember?