Mark Jackson Unlikely to Get Los Angeles Lakers Job, Despite LeBron James Support

Mark Jackson has earned a lot of supporters in the NBA and Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is definitely a fan of his work. The four-time NBA champion praised Jackson on multiple occasions and many thought he was actually endorsing him as the next head coach. The Lakers are looking for a head coach now that Frank Vogel is out.

Jackson seemed like a good option for the purple. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal entertained the idea of seeing Jackson as the new head coach for the team. Well, O’Neal entertained the idea of seeing himself as the next head coach for the Lakers. He is just asking for too much money. This may be a joke, but some analysts didn’t really dust off the idea.

Marc Stein heard all the comments about Jackson’s potential deal with the Lakers. According to him, Jackson will probably go somewhere else despite LeBron’s endorsement.

“…while Jackson appears to have his best shot with Sacramento at an NBA head coaching job since his dismissal in Golden State after the 2013-14 season, Jackson’s prospects with the Lakers don’t appear nearly as robust — even with the perceived support of Lakers star LeBron James.”

Mark Jackson may not work with LeBron James

Jackson would be a good fit for the Lakers, but there are too many obstacles on the road.

On Monday, Stein wrote that “Jackson is indeed on the Lakers’ list if he doesn’t get the Sacramento job, but I don’t get the sense — yet — that he has a strong chance in L.A.”

LeBron has nothing but respect for Jackson. Sam Amick from The Athletic was among the many to discuss LeBron’s appreciation for Jackson’s talent. Amick reported that King James “would be very enthused” but the prospect of working with the former Golden State Warriors head coach. Numerous reports confirmed that LeBron wanted Jackson to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016.

Jackson has had issues with his personality and Warriors owner Joe Lacob even said that he couldn’t get along with people in the organization. Jackson spent three seasons with the Warriors, but didn’t win a championship with the team. He hasn’t worked with another team yet and now he has a chance to get his championship win.