Masai Ujiri Delivers Direct Message to Lakers Amid Nick Nurse Rumors

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a head coach. They fired Frank Vogel after the end of the regular season. The Lakers decided to reshape the roster and Vogel was the first to go. The team has been linked to several names, including Nick Nurse, Darvin Ham, Mark Jackson, and many others. Masai Ujiri heard the rumors about Nurse and delivered a message for the Lakers.

Vogel led the Lakers to a championship, but the team lost too many games in the last couple of seasons. Jackson was a good option for the team and LeBron James likes him a lot. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is a fan of the idea, too.

What makes Nurse a good target for the Lakers? Klutch Sports represents him and this brings him even closer to LA. There’s a big obstacle on his way to LA. Nurse is under contract with the Raptors. The Lakers wanted to interview him but we have a few good reasons to believe that Toronto won’t let him go that easily.

Masai Ujiri has a warning message for the Lakers

Ujiri received a lot of question about Nurse and he decided to shut down rumors once and for all.

“No team has contacted me,” he told the media. “And I see all the stuff that you guys see. I dream like they dream. [Lionel] Messi. I want [Cristiano] Renaldo. I want Kobe Bryant. So they can keep dreaming. I dream too. … I’m not going into that. How I dreams? Just like the Lakers.”

In other words, the Raptors don’t even plan to send Nurse to the Lakers. Well, Nurse can make things a lot easier for the Lakers. He can tell the Raptors that he wants out.

Nurse is having an excellent time with the Raptors. His team is doing a good job on the floor and won a championship with the team.

The Lakers are in a really tricky situation right now. Nurse won’t even get into such a messy situation.

Nurse heard the rumors of him going to LA as well and he denied it all.

“I don’t know where that stuff comes from, and I’m focused on coaching this team,” Nurse said.

Let’s see how this goes…