Nick Wright Rips Patriots’ ‘Bad’ NFL Draft Strategy After Questionable Decision

Did the New England Patriots really have a bad Draft day strategy? Head coach Bill Belichick traded down the draft and swapped No. 21 with No. 29 overall. He got Cole Strange in the first round, but getting a linebacker wasn’t really a big need for the Patriots. Belichick also selected a quarterback in the fourth round. He has Mac Jones, a first-rounder who led the team to a seven-game winning streak. Why would he select another QB? Maybe the Patriots are trying to add depth to their position.

Patriots fans wouldn’t say it was a bad draft day strategy

Nick Wright has something to say about the Patriots and their draft move. He is not a Patriots fan, remember? If you ask Wright, he will say the Patriots are just trying to address a huge issue.

“So, you think maybe this is a motivational ploy? Maybe Belichick was like, ‘Hey, Mac. A little less time in the trademark office and dance studio; a little more time in the lab.’ Like, you think maybe that’s what it was? Or, he’s not quite as sold on Mac Jones as you are,” Wright said Monday on FS1’s “First Things First” while discussing the Zappe pick. “Or, Option 3: The Patriots stink at drafting. And a team that has holes all over the place just used a fourth-round pick on Bailey Zappe to be their backup quarterback. Just like they used a fourth-round pick on (Jarrett Stidham), and you loved that, and now you’re like, ‘OK, he’s probably out.’

“I couldn’t be more happy,” he added. “After we got off the air Friday, the Chiefs made another draft-day trade, once again with the Patriots, because they spotted the sucker in the room again.”

Belichick knew what he was doing and we won’t even question his decisions. The Patriots can still add a few players through a trade. They have to handle James White’s situation first. He is yet to make a decision on his future with the Patriots. Will he leave the team? Will he sign with another team?