Patriots Could Reportedly Make Notable Position Change

The New England Patriots are coming off of a good season, but they couldn’t accomplish much. The team celebrated a seven-game winning streak but lost the wild-card game to the Buffalo Bulls. Head coach Bill Belichick got the schedule for the new 2022 NFL season. His team will meet strong opponents, including a team coached by former Patriots OC Josh McDaniels. In other words, the Patriots have to prepare really well. According to Mike Reiss’ recent report, the Patriots may also consider a position change.

Players took part in the first portion of organized team activities. Veterans usually skip this portion of the offseason. Tom Brady used to skip voluntary OTAs. There was nothing he could learn, huh? He’s the GOAT after all. But, why did Isaiah Wynn skip OTAs?

Patriots to consider inevitable position change

Wynn was a no-show and fans started asking questions. He played in 16 games last season, but has missed too many games so far. NFL analysts believe that Wynn should use this opportunity and earn his spot on the Patriots roster. He should definitely try hard and earn a new deal with the team. The Patriots exercised his option last season and Wynn will earn around $10.4 million in 2022.

Wynn’s absence removed Trent Brown from the right. He played left tackle during OTAs. Many thought that he’d position himself opposite Wynn on the right side. Things may change this offseason.

Brown re-signed with the Patriots, giving fans a reason to celebrate. The 380-pounder was a key player for the Patriots. His great performance with the Patriots earned him a nice deal with the Raiders in 2019. He was working with rookie Cole Strange and maybe he will stay on the left side.

Belichick has plenty of time to make all the changes his team needs. The Patriots have Mac Jones leading the way and Belichick has to pick the best protectors. The 2022 NFL season is important for the team in so many aspects. Will Wynn return? Was his absence caused by non-football factors? Who knows…