Patriots Fans Finally Find out Who Is The Next Offensive Coordinator

Josh McDaniels left the New England Patriots to coach the Las Vegas Raiders, leaving the team without an offensive coordinator. There were many rumors about McDaniels’ successor, but the team said there won’t be any offensive or defensive coordinators.

The Patriots had their OTAs opener on Monday and guess what… Coach B was right there, watching quarterback/wide receiver drills. Will Bill Belichick be the next offensive coordinator for the Patriots?

Tom E. Curran was the first to suggest that Belichick is the Patriots OC at the moment. Joe Judge was in charge of the passing game and Matt Patricia worked on the running plan.

“Off of one OTA in May Bill Belichick was serving as offensive coordinator.. we don’t know if that’s temporary or not,” Curran stated on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Who is the next Patriots offensive coordinator?

The media was interested in this development and Belichick received a few questions about the next Patriots OC. Will he take this role?

“I’ve called them and I haven’t called them,” Belichick said during Monday’s press conference. “Other people have called them and haven’t called them. We’ll see.”

Patriots coaches get really quiet every time someone mentions their roles. Yes, Belichick taught them well. Patriots players and coaches don’t talk too much about their plans and their roles. We can only make guesses at this point.

Belichick is not someone who pays attention to titles. He wants everyone to do their job with no exceptions. The Patriots are entering an important season and players have to prepare for the next challenge.

“Do we have titles? Yeah, look, there’s a lot of jobs that we have to do, we’re all working on those things now but — it’s May,” Belichick said. “They’ll change in June, they’ll change in August, they’ll change in September. So, we’ll evolve it to the things timely that we need to do. If you’re asking about game plans, we’re months away from that — months.”

Belichick may take the offense just because he wants to adjust Mac Jones to perfection. The Alabama quarterback stepped in as a long-term replacement for Tom Brady. We have a feeling that Belichick is trying to do the right thing.