Patriots Linebacker Knew Mac Jones was ‘Special’ Before NFL Draft

Head coach Bill Belichick had a few good reasons to get Mac Jones and a lot of people would say he is special. The New England Patriots selected Jones with the 15th overall pick last season. Jones established an excellent relationship with his teammates and even led his team to a seven-game winning streak.

Linebacker Mack Wilson is definitely a fan. Wilson ended up with the Patriots through a trade from the Cleveland Browns. New England sent Chase Winovich to the Browns, leaving an empty spot on the linebacker group.

Belichick knew Mac Jones was special, too

In his first video conference with the media, Wilson talked about his role with the Patriots and didn’t miss the chance to praise Jones. They spent a lot of time together at Alabama and Wilson had a chance to watch Jones play. The quarterback didn’t get much playing time but had a chance to bond with his teammates.

Wilson had a great feeling about Jones. He knew that the Alabama prospect would be amazing on the NFL field.

“I tell a lot of people I knew Mac when he was a pup,” Wilson told the media, “and just seeing how much he grew as a person and a player, it amazed me. Because growing up, and obviously when we were in college, I was telling everybody back home, friends and family, like, Mac Jones is going to be special.

“And a lot of guys didn’t believe me. Even some of the guys that were on our team didn’t believe me. I just saw something in him. He’ll tell you himself — I just saw something in him that just made me be like, ‘Hey, this kid is going to be special.’ “

Belichick had a good feeling about Jones as well. He attended his Pro Day and knew that Jones deserves a chance. Wilson admits that Jones had “juice in him” even when he “scrambled”.

“He just had a swagger,” Wilson said. “You know a lot of guys come in as freshmen all uptight and things like that. Mac just had swagger, and that’s something that caught my eye. He made some big plays. He made some great throws. Even when he scrambled, he had a little juice in him. It was just different little small things that made me like, ‘Hey, I like Mac. He’s going to be good.’ I believed in it, and obviously, it’s coming true.”