Patriots Share Behind-The-Scenes Look At Making Draft Trade With Chiefs

The New England Patriots made a few unpredicted moves in the 2022 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick surprised fans and analysts with his initial move. The Patriots head coach decided to trade his 21st overall draft pick to the Kansas City Chiefs. New England got the No. 29 overall and used it to select Cole Strange.

This was a really surprising move for the team. Last Tuesday was a big day for the Patriots nation and yes, Belichick made a lot of people talk. The trade move gave them Nos. 29, 94, and 121. Getting Strange was an awkward move, but Belichick had the perfect explanation. He knew that Strange would be selected before the Patriots get to make another selection. He is talented, versatile, and speedy.

The Chiefs used the 21st overall to select cornerback Trent McDuffie.

Belichick made another move and sent the 94th overall to the Carolina Panthers. He used the 121st overall to get cornerback Jack Jones.

Patriots shocked the NFL with the draft day trade with the Chiefs

It was a really tough day for the Patriots nation, because Belichick had to make a lot of big moves. The team shared an inside look at their war room.

Patriots fans can also watch the moment New England called third-round pick Marcus Jones to share the good news. The Patriots also shared videos from their draft room in which Belichick and team owner Robert Kraft called Strange and Tyquan Thornton to tell them that they have earned a spot on their team.

Kendrick Bourne watched the draft too and he sure made the best video during the process. The Patriots wide receiver watched the team trade the first-round pick. Bourne wanted to go to bed early, but Belichick changed his plans. He had to wait for another eight selections. Bourne’s reaction was priceless! He was just tired and shocked. Well, Belichick has the perfect plan. He knew what he was doing.

Let’s see how Strange fits in the Patriots’ roster. His workout videos are pretty awesome and we have a good feeling about this addition.