Patriots Wideout Has Seen These Improvements From Mac Jones

The New England Patriots selected a quarterback in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft. However, they have a quarterback who has probably earned the starting job in New England. NFL analysts have noticed great improvements in Mac Jones and the second-year quarterback is getting ready for another spectacular season. Jones led the Patriots to a seven-game winning streak in 2021. Yes, there were doubters trashing his potential, but hey, we all know that Jones is an incredible player and leader.

Patriots wide receiver Nelson Agholor had nothing but great words for Jones. He noticed great improvement in his game.

“He’s definitely trained his butt off, I can tell you that,” the wide receiver said Tuesday in a video conference. “I see it every day when he comes in here. He works his butt off. He’s here every day putting the time in. And, obviously, when he throws the football, he throws the football well — really well. I’m impressed with what he does every day and how he works.”

Patriots noticed improvements in the game of Mac Jones

Agholor spent an entire season working with Jones and he had a chance to get to know him really well.

“I think Mac’s greatest strength is his ability to communicate,” Agholor said. “Obviously, he’s a great quarterback. I think he throws the ball amazing. But I love the way he communicates, and that’s something that allows you to grow together and work together, because communication is the key to every great relationship.

“He does a great job telling me what he sees. He does a great job of telling me what he likes about what I’m doing. He does a great job of (telling me about) some things that are hard for him to read when I move around and things like that. And once you know, there’s less gray area. … His communication is everything.”

The Patriots quarterback is entering a really important season. He will have to prove doubters wrong. Jones has to establish a really great relationship with his teammates. He has to work on his chemistry with Patriots pass catchers. The quarterback doesn’t have any issues in this aspect. He even got a chance to bond with newly-signed Patriots receiver DeVante Parker.