Photo Of LeBron James’ Middle Son Is Going Viral

LeBron James’ oldest son Bronny goes viral every time he makes a public appearance. He is young and talented and NBA analysts made great predictions about him. What about Bryce Maximus?

Bryce Maximus, 14, has been stealing the spotlight too. The kid is really talented and yes, he will definitely have a bright future in the NBA. We have people saying that he may be better than Bronny. Even LeBron said Bryce has better jump than his older brother.

Here’s a fun fact. Little Bryce is as big as his brother. Sort of. Savannah shared a photo of her kids trying on new clothes and fans couldn’t ignore the obvious. Bryce is as high as Bronny! How impressive is that? Oh, little Zhuri is right there, standing between her older brothers.

LeBron James’ son Bryce will go viral for a really good reason

Bronny measures at 6’3’’ on his recruiting profiles. Bryce wrote the same numbers on his Instagram. LeBron’s middle kid is three years younger than his oldest one and we have a few good reasons to believe that he will keep going up.

Bryce will have to grow a few more inches to match his father’s height. We have a really good feeling about this kid.

LeBron is having a really great career in the NBA and he can’t wait to share the court with his son. Bronny will enter the NBA in 2023 and LeBron will probably join the team that signs his kid. He won’t have a chance to play with Bryce though. This won’t stop the king of basketball from supporting his sons on their way to the top.

In one of his interviews, LeBron revealed that his sons wake up really early to practice. We know he is a freak when it comes to working out. It seems like his sons following his footsteps. King James is a proud father and he is here to make sure his kids get the best of the game. Being coached by the king of basketball is a big deal, right? Bronny and Bryce should use the opportunity to unleash their full potential.