Report: Lakers Search For Head Coach ‘Widely Expected’ To Be Slow in Order to Find Someone Who Can ‘Win LeBron James’ Buy-In’

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t make the playoffs this past season. Players missed the chance to make the big game and compete for a ring. Many NBA veterans joined the Lakers to earn a ring. It didn’t happen. Several major factors pushed the team outside the playoff picture. LeBron James was really frustrated and so were fans. Lakers fans trashed Russell Westbrook pretty much every time he shot a brick. He is a California native, but fans weren’t really “fans”. The front office started dealing with the situation and fired Frank Vogel. The Lakers have to search for their next head coach and have been linked to several big names.

Moving on from Vogel was a really bold move and many analysts didn’t support the franchise. He helped the Lakers win a title, but the last two seasons were terrible. I guess the team has other plans for the head coaching vacancy. Shaquille O’Neal offered himself as an option, but asked for too much money. Of course, he was joking.

Lakers search for the best head coach option

Who will replace Vogel as the next head coach for the Lakers? Marc Stein discussed the situation in LA, giving us a clear sight into the matter.

“The search for Vogel’s successor is widely expected to move slower than most because the Lakers need to find an established coach who can win LeBron James’ buy-in,” Stein wrote. “The most capable coaches are obviously employed elsewhere already.”

LeBron has been around for two decades and he knows a lot about the game. Many believe that he is the shadow general manager in LA. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant wouldn’t agree on this one. He doesn’t agree with the rumor that NBA players can control the decisions made in the front office.

When it comes to LeBron, he has worked with many teammates and coaches in his career. People come and go and LeBron is always around. He was a huge fan of Ty Lue and the Lakers almost hired him. The deal got stuck in the middle of nowhere and Lue signed with another franchise.