Report: Patriots Had Popular Visitor At Offseason Workout

The New England Patriots started their offseason workout program and had one unexpected visitor around. Head coach Bill Belichick will have a chance to watch his picks perform on the football field. The Patriots have new members of the coaching staff. Why was Bill O’Brien with the team?

Mike Reiss from ESPN reported that offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien arrived right on time for Patriots practice this past week. His presence triggered an avalanche of reactions. Will he replace Josh McDaniels? The former Patriots offensive coordinator left the team to join the Las Vegas Raiders as their next head coach. The Patriots didn’t really want to hire a new offensive coordinator and didn’t even think of having a defensive coordinator in 2022.

Patriots had the offensive coach for their workout for a reason

O’Brien would be the perfect replacement for McDaniels. He worked with the team from 2007 to 2011. He knows the system well and may be the best person to step in as an offensive coordinator for the Patriots.

Reiss wouldn’t bet on this one. O’Brien may be around to help the Patriots shape their offense. He may not get a role with the team.

Belichick believes that his coaching staff is complete. However, he can always bring his friends around to get a second opinion or something.

“Bill Belichick previously said the Patriots’ coaching staff was likely complete, but that doesn’t mean visitors won’t be welcomed at various times — and Belichick’s network is deep,” Reiss wrote. “Along those lines, players took note of current Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien on the field at Gillette Stadium last week at the voluntary offseason program. O’Brien, of course, has deep roots in New England as a former Belichick assistant.”

The Patriots had a few empty spots on the coaching staff, but they didn’t plan any major moves. In fact, they even opened new positions in the offseason. The 2022 NFL season will be really important for the team. It will be the first season without McDaniels. He had a key role with the team, but the Patriots will have to move on without him.