Stephen A. Smith Believes The Lakers Should “Strongly Consider” Trading LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to make blockbuster moves this summer. The team was eliminated to the playoff race too soon. There were so many obstacles on their way to the playoffs. Russell Westbrook is one of them. The nine-time All-Star was of no help this past season and the Lakers should consider trading him in the offseason. If you ask Stephen A. Smith, he will say the Lakers should consider trading LeBron James as well.

“I want to announce to the American public that I think the Los Angeles Lakers should strongly consider trading LeBron James,” Smith said on Wednesday’s edition of First Take. “That’s what I believe. Now, a lot of people are gonna lose their minds because the brother is 37 and he’s in his 19th year and he just averaged 30 [points per game] and if the team was better he would’ve been an MVP candidate without question.

“I’m telling you this is no shade at all. It’s a testament to his greatness and a compliment to him that I’m saying this is what the Lakers should consider. The Los Angeles Lakers as presently constructed are going nowhere.”

The Lakers may not even think of trading LeBron James

Smith believes the Lakers should reshape the roster to make the playoffs in 2023. The Western Conference is packed with talent and Rob Pelinka really has to strengthen his team, otherwise the Lakers will miss the playoffs again.

The Lakers are coming off of a bad season. The franchise needs depth and need different game plan. Frank Vogel won’t coach the Lakers next season. Maybe Pelinka will keep the roster intact to see if the new head coach manages to make things work. Westbrook had issues with Lakers coaches. He didn’t fit in the system. LeBron James and Russell Westbrook wanted him on the team, but he was nothing but a failed experiment.

Will Pelinka even consider trading LeBron? Magic Johnson and Jeanie Buss tried hard to get him and we don’t really think that they’d even try to get rid of him. Why would anyone get rid of the greatest basketball player of all time?

Enter LeBron’s oldest son Bronny. King James said he will sign with the team that gets his son in the draft. Bronny will enter the NBA in 2023 and LeBron will be a free agent.