Tom Brady Movie Set Photo Going Viral Monday

Tom Brady had a huge surprise for his fans and he already gave us a look into his movie set. The former New England Patriots quarterback is a star. He is successful in every aspect of life. The greatest quarterback of all time is getting the best of life and now he is trying to establish himself as a movie star. Oh yes, Brady can do this and much more. That’s what makes him the greatest of all time.

The NFL shared a photo of Brady and fans went crazy. That’s lean muscle! Brady relies on pliability, remember? He is not into gaining mass. He is all about building lean and flexible muscle. Brady pays special attention to his nutrition and this helps him accomplish pretty much everything on the football field. You will never see him in the weight room.

Oh, there’s more. The NFL quarterback tagged Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, offering his services as a stunt.

“The exact moment Tom Brady ‘ went Hollywood’ on the 80 For Brady set,” he said on Instagram. “PS @therock I’m free until August if you need help with any stunts in the meantime.”

Tom Brady does wonders on the movie set

So, what’s Brady cooking? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers is working on 80 For Brady and his latest project brings joy to pretty much every fan out there. Yes, Brady has fans in Tampa and New England! His fanbase is huge and everyone is waiting for his new piece.

80 For Brady is a movie centered around four senior friends who planned a road trip to watch their idol in the 2017 Super Bowl. The story is really good and the scenario caught the attention of everyone. How will Brady do this? His acting seems on point. He is an incredible person and his talent has no limits. We are definitely looking forward to watch this masterpiece.

Brady’s offseason is super busy. He announced his retirement and then changed his mind. The quarterback has entered another season and we’d all agree that his place is on the football field. His family agrees on this one. Brady is too talented and capable to watch games from the stands.