Ultra-Rare LeBron James Triple Logoman NBA Card Worth $3 Million Finally Found

NBA fans went crazy! Everyone was looking for the LeBron James Triple Logoman card. It’s the most valuable piece on the market. Panini released the most recent set to the public, and fans are still looking for the spectacular Logoman card. Toronto Raptors fan Drake spent about $200,000 on Flawless cases to get the Triple Logoman piece. It didn’t work.

Well, the rare card featuring LeBron is finally found. The breakers won a Lamborghini.

Backyard Breaks hosted a Panini Flawless break. The winner, of course, is getting a 2021 Lamborghini Huracan. Breakers pulled the card and took their ride home.

Drake wanted the LeBron James Triple Logoman

Whatnot Head of Sports Eric Shemtov made a statement on the finding on the valuable card. He was more than excited about the whole process.

“This is what the hobby is all about – finding rare cards that galvanize this passionate community. We’re proud to create an environment where these moments can happen,” Shemtov added.

The search for the card began a few months ago. Drake did his best to place his hands on it. He purchased a bunch of Panini’s Flawless metal cases to get the LBJ card. It didn’t work. He didn’t have the luck to find the card. Well, the Raptors fan found some great cards in the process, including two Michael Jordan rookie cards and Logoman cards of Patrick Williams. I guess Drake was a bit disappointed because he wanted LeBron’s piece.

What makes this card so special? The Lamborghini? No. The card itself is worth $3 million. This is the initial value and it can easily go up to $5 million. We don’t have much info about the final price, but we do know that it will reach the top.

LeBron is the greatest basketball player of all time which adds even more value to his cards. The four-time NBA champion has a few great seasons left and he will definitely try to get a few rings on his way out. The Los Angeles Lakers trusted him for a reason. He is the king after all.