Video Of LeBron Partying In Miami Went Viral

The Los Angeles Lakers missed the chance to win a title this season. It was a disappointing season for pretty much every player on the roster. Of course, this doesn’t apply to LeBron James. The four-time NBA champion had a MVP season, but couldn’t even get any near the award because his team missed the playoffs. Great LeBron James had a spectacular season and he was spotted partying in Miami. Yes, the king of basketball is beating opponents at this point of the regular season and now he has too much free time.

LeBron did his best to take the Lakers to a title. He insisted that Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka sign Russell Westbrook. This experiment didn’t work and Westbrook was a terrible addition. He may be a good player but he was a terrible fit for the Lakers. Several analysts placed the blame on LeBron just because he wanted Brodie on his team. Others say Frank Vogel is responsible for Westbrook’s terrible season.

LeBron can’t really control players performance in the regular season. He wants to make everyone better, but he couldn’t help Westbrook fit in the scheme.

It was a bad season, but LeBron is taking his time to rest and relax. He missed a big chunk of the regular season due to injuries. The Lakers are having a really long offseason and LeBron will definitely use his time off to rest and relax.

LeBron James was partying in Miami for a reason

Partying hard will definitely help him get rid of bad energy.

People saw LeBron partying at a Miami club over the weekend. He had a reason to do so. King James was actually celebrating Meek Mill’s birthday. So, yes, it was a special day.

The F1 Miami Grand Prix attracted the attention of top athletes, including Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Dwyane Wade, and many more. LeBron was there, too. It was a great weekend for everyone. Let’s get back to business now! LeBron and the Lakers will have to prepare for the new season and all the obstacles it brings.