Anonymous NBA Executive Lists 1 Trade Destination for LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers finished the regular season with too many losses and they should definitely consider trading some of the players on the current roster. Russell Westbrook may be the first name that pops in your mind, but some people believe the Lakers should trade LeBron James.

LeBron may be the last player Jeanie Buss considers trading at this point. She and Magic Johnson worked really hard to bring the king of basketball in LA. LeBron is the GOAT. Why would they trade him?

Sean Deveney from brought this topic to an anonymous Eastern Conference executive. They discussed LeBron’s potential trade and the chances to see him put on a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey once again. Will LeBron do a full cycle in his NBA career?

The exec said that the Cavaliers may find a way to make this deal work. Of course, we don’t know if LeBron wants to go back home. The blockbuster deal would send LeBron to Cleveland and LA would get Jarrett Allen and Collin Sexton.

“I think you’d have Cleveland, obviously. It’s hard to see a deal that makes sense, though,” the executive said. “You could start with Jarrett Allen, especially if you think that (Evan) Mobley is your center down the line. And then Collin Sexton as a sign-and-trade piece, but that might have to be a separate deal because of the luxury tax, a third team involved. And a young piece like Isaac Okoro. It is a tough thing to take a young team and give up some pieces for a guy LeBron’s age but it would have to look like that in order to happen, I would think.”

This is a really bold scenario. First, the Lakers haven’t really mentioned the word “trade”. They have a new head coach and Darvin Ham is expected to have a great relationship with LeBron and the rest of the guys, including Brodie. Second, why would LeBron join the Cavaliers?

There has been so much speculation in the last couple of months. The Lakers have plenty of free time to make the right decision. We have a feeling that the LeBron trade thing won’t happen this time.