Bill Belichick Gives a Status Report on the Patriots Rookie Class

The New England Patriots made a lot of unexpected moves in the 2022 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick got the message from Patriots owner Robert Kraft and did his best to select the right rookie class. The 2022 team will look a lot different this time. Mac Jones and Patriots veterans will work with a new group of teammates.

The selection of Cole Strange shocked pretty much every analyst in the league. New England needed receivers and cornerbacks, but Belichick used his first round pick to get an offensive lineman.

Bill Belichick likes the 2022 Patriots rookie class

Belichick discussed the current situation in New England. He talked about Patriots rookies and their effort on the field. Yes, he is a man of a few words, but he sure had something to say about the new guys.

“I think they’re trying,” Belichick said. “They have a long way to go as all rookies do. They’re trying, they’re getting better. Still have a long way to go. Some of it is football, some of it is being a professional athlete, some of it is adjusting to the lifestyle, the demands — physical and mental — that they haven’t faced before.

“Certainly the competition is a big step — for some more than others. But it’s a big step for all of them. It’s a giant step for some of them, for others it’s a big step.”

Strange is trying his best to earn a spot on Belichick’s 53-man roster. He is ambitious, but he is not really bothered with the depth chart.

“I’m really just fired up to be out here, working and getting better,” he said.

That’s the spirit! Belichick likes players who work on their skills. He appreciates players who try to improve with every move they make.

Wide receiver Tyquan Thornton shares the same opinion. Improving his skills and just trying to be better are his priorities.

“It’s a process,” Thornton said on Tuesday. “Coming in every day, just trying to work and get better; making strides each and every day.”

That’s more than good news, right? These two can do wonders on the field.