Bill Belichick Made His Opinion On Greatest Defensive Player in NFL Very Clear

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had the opportunity to work with the greatest player of all time for two decades. He and Tom Brady won a lot of games together. The Patriots made nine Super Bowl appearances thanks to their great performance on the football field. Belichick has nothing but praise for his former quarterback. Now he talked about the greatest defensive player ever.

Belichick is a man of a few words and he never says more than expected. There are times when he doesn’t say anything at all. He doesn’t like when reporters ask silly questions that are not related to his next game.

Well, Belichick sure had something to say about one particular player.

Pro Football Focus released a graphic related to the best defensive player in league history. So, this graphic had names like Dick Butkus, Reggie White, and Deion Sanders. We also heard the names of Aaron Donald, Darrelle Revis, and Ray Lewis.

Bill Belichick picked his greatest player

If you ask Belichick, he will go with Lawrence Taylor. The Hall of Fame linebacker caught Belichick’s attention long time ago. In his convo with the media, Belichick said that other defenders can’t match his dominance.

Taylor became one of the best defenders in the NFL and Belichick was watching him the whole time.

“We’re talking about Lawrence Taylor now,” Belichick said with a very serious face. “I’m not putting anybody in Lawrence Taylor’s class… He put everybody down below that. With respect to a lot of good players, we’re talking about Lawrence Taylor.”

Taylor was lethal from 1981 from 1993. He knew how to make things work and shut down players on opposing players. Other teams tried really hard to match his speed and strength, but Taylor was one of a kind. Let’s not forget that Taylor was the highest-ranked defensive players in the NFL’s Top 100 All-Time Players list. Belichick appreciates great players and Taylor earned his trust and support.

The Patriots head coach has worked with many great coaches and he has a great feeling about his new quarterback. Is Mac Jones the next superstar n New England?