Bill Belichick Seems To Be Leaning 1 Way For Play Caller

The New England Patriots entered the offseason with a few major questions on the table. Head coach Bill Belichick accepted the challenge and made some unexpected moves in the 2022 NFL Draft. His coaching staff will be different, too. Josh McDaniels left the team to coach the Las Vegas Raiders. New England welcomed a few great assistants and the 2022 staff shows great potential. Bill Belichick has to make a decision on his play caller and it seems like he has already made one. Sort of.

McDaniels’ spot is still empty. Belichick said his team wouldn’t have offensive coordinator. He was watching quarterback/wide receiver drills. Joe Judon and Matt Patricia were there, too.

Who is the next Patriots offensive coordinator?

Bill Belichick chose his play caller

Zack Cox of NESN reported that offensive line coach Matt Patricia called plays during the 11-on-11 drills. Many thought that Patricia will take McDaniels’ position and yes, those rumors were true.

Belichick will definitely watch the group. He has yet to even mention the word “retirement”, but he will have to go at some point. We believe that Belichick will try to build strong offense before he calls it career.

Picking the right offensive coordinator is a big challenge for the Patriots. Mac Jones was working with McDaniels for an entire year. McDaniels helped the Alabama quarterback show his real potential. He is gone now and Jones will have to work with another coach. Patricia seems like a good option for the team and he may continue McDaniels’ job with the quarterback.

Patricia joined the Patriots at the right time. He was coaching the Detroit Lions for three years and then continued working with the Patriots as their senior football advisor. Let’s see if he gets a big role on the Patriots’ coaching staff.

The Patriots will trust an experienced coach and there’s no room for panic right now. This challenge is great in so many ways. Patriots fans can’t wait to see the new-look team take the football field. The Patriots will meet McDaniels sooner than expected and it will be the biggest test for the organization.